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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most common reasons to use proxies?

The most common reason people use proxies is for web-browsing, and the most common way to use a proxy for your web-browser is by opening the browser's settings and entering the proxy in the connection/proxy settings.

How to set a proxy IP?

To set a proxy using an automatic configuration script, follow these steps: Open Settings. Click Network & Internet. The list of network- and Internet-related settings appears. Click Proxy. The list of available proxy settings appears. In the Automatic Proxy Setup section, set the Use Setup Script switch to On. Enter the script address as it was given to you; then click Save. Close Settings. ...

Why do people use proxies?

One of the most important reasons why proxies are widely used in corporate networks is that they provide control over what employees are accessing and using on the Internet. For example, many companies ban certain websites so that they are not accessed by employees during work hours.

What is the best proxy server?

Best 5 Proxy Servers To Help You Web Surf Anonymously HideMyAss. The most famous and widely recognized proxy server has to be HideMyAss (HMA). ... 4everproxy. This proxy server is most prominent in the access of YouTube and HD streaming services typically blocked based on geographical location. ... ProxySite. ProxySite increases your online security through the use of SSL encryptions. ... Hide.Me. ... Whoer. ...

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