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Frequently Asked Questions

How Instagram proxies can help you?

A proxy is used to connect you to your Instagram account permanently through a dedicated IP address, so that you can continue work as usual and bypass Instagram's restrictions around how many accounts you can manage at once.

How many Instagram accounts per proxy?

If you are using a private proxy, then I will advise you to use one proxy per Instagram account. However, if you're using mobile proxies, you can use 5-10 accounts per proxy. To avoid getting your proxies and accounts banned while using Instagram automation, you need to avoid using more than the stated number of accounts per proxy.

What is an Instagram proxy?

Instagram Proxies are those which are dedicated IPs mainly for Instagram. Sometimes, you may have to create more than one account in Instagram to boost your product or brand. If you do this from the same computer, the program can track the address and identify that it is a fake account.

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