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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Proxima Nova a good font?

Similar to Gotham Rounded Font. Proxima Nova Font is a classic and popular sans serif typeface family. This sans font includes Clean, Rough, and Textured style. Along with the distinct and unique characteristics of this font, it will set itself apart, but still maintaining a strong timeless appeal overall.

What is the best proxy service?

Geonode is the best proxy service I've ever used! Their proxies are fast, reliable and fairly priced. They also have great customer support! Don't hesitate to check them out!

What font is used for the MTG border?

The old, original border (if you want to create a token using the old border) used Goudy Medieval, as mentioned in one article on the mothership. You can search some of them In MtgSalvation proxy threads or just tipe MPlatin in google and you have them. Magic Set Editor has a built in font that looks very similar to real cards.

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