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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best multi birth program for twins?

Similac One of the best multiple birth programs is offered by Similac. The Similac Multiple Birth Program offers a complimentary product sample to parents of twins, triplets, and up. You need to complete a form after your multiples are born, and you can only get that form through your hospital or doctor’s office.

Are there any financial assistance for parents of twins and triplets?

Financial Assistance for Parents of Twins & Triplets. Financial assistance for the parents of twins and triplets often requires extra creativity – especially when they are born healthy. Healthy infants trigger fewer private and government benefit programs.

Do companies offer discounts and freebies for twins?

The increase in multiple births means that discounts and special offers are harder to come by. However, some companies continue to provide special considerations. To take advantage of discounts and freebies, be prepared with multiple copies the birth certificates and hospital discharge papers of your twins.

How do I get support as a twin parent?

Get the support you need with a Twiniversity Membership. Benefits include a monthly twin parent club meeting on Zoom, access to a private Facebook group just for twin parents, and a video library of twin parenting lessons. Visit to join today!

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