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Frequently Asked Questions

What is programs for parents?

Programs for Parents (PfP) is a non-profit organization which works to ensure that children get the best possible start in life. We accomplish this by promoting quality child care services within our community. We link families seeking child care with those organizations that provide such skills.

How do I apply for parental choice?

Call the Customer Service Center (CSC) (866) 613-3777 to have an application mailed to you. Parental Choice allows you to choose any of the following types of child care providers for the care of your child (ren)

How does a parent apply for a child support order?

Either parent can apply for support or open a child support services case, as can a child’s legal guardian. Before a child support order can be made, both parents of the child or children must be located. The parent being asked to pay will be legally notified that they are named in a child support case.

What is a medical consent form for minor while parents away?

The form would state that your child will participate in the specific activity under the supervision of the school personnel and your child’s teacher. It should contain the following information: There are special circumstances where you need a medical consent form for minor while parents are away.

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