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Frequently Asked Questions

What is programs for parents?

Programs for Parents (PfP) is a non-profit organization which works to ensure that children get the best possible start in life. We accomplish this by promoting quality child care services within our community. We link families seeking child care with those organizations that provide such skills.

How do I apply for the child care subsidy programs?

The Child Care Subsidy Programs. The Child Care Subsidy Programs help families pay for quality child care through either: Working Connections Child Care (WCCC), or. Seasonal Child Care (SCC). Get eligibility and application information 1-800-394-4571 - contact line for providers. 1-844-626-8687 - contact line for families.

How do I contact the Student Support Services?

Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) Email [email protected] Phone. 844-255-7728. International +1-212-713-8333. Fax. 866-360-0114. Student Search Service® (Student Search) Email ... College Board Opportunity Scholarships . Email [email protected] Phone. 1-844-298-3554. Institutional Documentation Service (IDOC): For Students ...

What is the Direct Plus Loan Application for parents?

Direct PLUS Loan Application for Parents The Direct PLUS Loan Application allows you to authorize the school to use your loan funds to satisfy other educational related charges after tuition and fees, and room and board (for on-campus students) have been paid. You are not required to provide this authorization. It also allows you to:

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