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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Nike ethically produce shoes?

Does Nike ethically produce shoes? December 3, 2019. The short answer is "yes," they do. The long answer is, it's not easy. There is some irony to Nike's ethical production issue, being that Nike takes all the heat from larger companies while they have one of the best records.

Does Nike outsource manufacturing?

Nike uses outsourcing strategy, using only subcontractors throughout the globe. It currently owns a 47% market share of the domestic footwear industry, with sales of $3.77 billion. Nike has been manufacturing throughout the Asian region for over twenty-five years, and there are over 500,000 people working for Nike.

Where does Nike get their materials?

Nike Headquarters. The largest producers of Nike shoes are the factories located in China, Vietnam and Indonesia, although dozens of other countries also contain Nike factories; these countries include Malaysia, Pakistan, India and Thailand.

What is the industry of Nike?

Nike is part of the Consumer Goods sector which mostly consists of Fast Moving Consumer Goods such as dairy products, farm products, etc. In this sector, Nike belongs to the Textile-Apparel, Footwear and Accessories Industry.

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