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Frequently Asked Questions

What do the customers think about printify?

Here are some customer reviews of Printify that review maximum votes/impressions. Majority of the customers have one opinion in common that Printify makes it very easy to start and run a proper POD business. Now, look at the reviews of the customers who had a bad experience with Printify.

Is printify better than Printful?

In our Printify review, we did scour the web for feedback on their customer support and we found only positive feedback. When you compare Printify vs. Printful, you will notice that Printify does shine in many areas. It provides cheaper prices overall, faster shipping times, and great customer service.

How does printify print my items?

Printify will print your items one at a time, only when a customer orders something. With a Printify account, you’re connected to over 50 print providers and third-party suppliers around the world.

Does printify have 24 hour live support?

On Printify, you’ll find a help center with articles on important topics like integrations, troubleshooting, products, payments, and mockup designs. They also run a gainful blog that has tips on marketing, design trends, and success stories. But what makes it fall behind Printful is that it lacks a 24-hour clock live support.

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