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Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like to use printify?

Using Printify has been a great experience. Customer service is always very quick to respond and handle any issues that our customers may have. The premium account has more than paid for itself and has increased our margins significantly. I personally think that Printify is your "secret sauce" when creating and sustaining an e-commerce business.

How do I Reset my printify password?

1. Go to the login page and click “Forgot password?” or click here. 2. Enter your registered email address and click Reset Password. This will trigger a password recovery email to your email address that you have indicated under the "Settings" section of your account. 3. Next, go to your inbox and find the Printify password reset email.

Can I get a refund from printify?

Getting a refund from PRINTIFY is impossible, the customer service is a joke, every time it’s a new idiot and you have to start all over again. Money is moving out of your account, who knows if it goes back in?

Does printify review the work of the specialized teams?

Rest assured, it has already been reviewed by the responsible team’s management and improvements will be made. Regarding “specialized teams”, please note that here at Printify, each specialist is a part of a different team.

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