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Frequently Asked Questions

Why start an online store with Printful?

Starting an online store with Printful was a hassle-free process. The strong support system was very useful in setting up the store. A wide range of products from Printful has helped Fresh Films to showcase the unique designs at its full potential. I am very happy with the service that Printful offer.

What can Printful do for You?

Take advantage of our white-label, print-on-demand services and we'll transform your designs into products that you can sell right away. Elevate your brand by polishing your store and taking advantage of Printful’s hidden secrets. Take your store up a notch with packaging and branding, theme setup, creating inside labels and optimizing shipping.

Do Printful's product prices include shipping?

Printful's product prices don't include shipping and taxes. However, we don't charge monthly or startup fees. Can I start with no website? Yes, you can. We integrate with 20+ ecommerce platforms and marketplaces, any of which can serve as your first platform to sell custom printed products on.

How do I set up a Printful store?

Or, you can go to your Printful dashboard, click Stores, choose your platform, and follow the tutorial laid out for you there. With your platform, product, and design ready, it’s time to get selling.

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