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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Printful's product images inconsistent?

Printful’s product images are inconsistent. They only offer front and back image mock-ups if you have a design on both sides. So that means that if you choose to design only one side of the garment, the purchasing view won’t show the other side of the shirt.

Is Printful for You?

However, Printful is not for everyone. Printful product costs are considerably higher than its main competitor’s. If you are looking for a POD company with the lowest product costs, you’ll have to take a look at other services. This Printful review evaluates all the things you should consider before deciding that Printful is really for you.

How does Printful work for small businesses?

Your store Connect your online store to Printful and fill it with products covered in your designs. A customer then orders one of the shirts sold on your store. That order is automatically sent to Printful where it gets printed, packed and shipped. You get a notification and tracking number when the order is shipped.

How long does Printful take to print my products?

As soon as you receive an order, Printful will automatically import it and send it to production. It will take 2-7 business days (usually 2-3) to print your products. After that, goods will be packed and shipped to your customer. What’s left for you is communication with your customers.

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