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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you connect a wireless printer to a computer?

Connect the Wireless Printer. Click "Start" from the task bar, and then click "Control Panel.". Click "Hardware and Sound," and choose "Printers.". Click "Add a Printer" at the top of the window. Select "Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer," and choose the printer you want to add from available printers listed.

How do you set up a printer to a laptop?

To use a printer with your laptop, you must first set it up. A few laptops still feature a printer port, but most use a regular USB port. Plug in the printer, and ensure that it’s turned off. Also, set up the printer with ink and paper according to the directions that came with the printer.

How do I set up my printer settings?

Click on the Start menu and click on Settings, then Printers. A window will appear showing the icons of all the printers that are installed on your system. Right-click on the icon for the printer you want to use as the default. A menu will appear.

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