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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you install drivers on a printer?

With the printer connected and powered on, open the Control Panel. In the Control Panel double-click the Printers or Printers and Fax icon. In the Printers window, click the Add a printer icon. After completing the above steps, you should see the Windows Printer Wizard. Click Next to start the wizard.

How to open the printer driver setup window?

1. Open the setup window from your printer application Open your printer application software. In general, select Print on the File menu to open the dialog box. Select your model name, then Preferences or Properties. The printer driver setup window appears. Command names or menu names may vary and there may be more steps.

How do you add a new printer driver?

The drivers need to be tested before putting on the production server. Open Print Management. In the left pane, click Print Servers, click the applicable print server, and then right click on Drivers. Click "Add Driver..". The "Add Printer Driver wizard" will open, click Next. Pick the processor architecture for the driver - x64, click Next.

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