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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you create a funeral program?

Typing your funeral program using a familiar software program. If you are creating a funeral program yourself, the easiest way is to use a funeral program template. Templates come in many different styles and colors, and can have themes such as religious, nature, waterscape and many others.

How do you make a funeral program in Microsoft Word?

Editing Funeral Program Templates Using Microsoft Word. Changing the Cover Photo. Click in the Box that says "Place Photo Here". Remove the text and keep the cursor in the text box. Go to the Main Menue and Click the "Insert" Tab. Click the "Picture" Button. Browse and Select the picture you want to use.

What is a funeral Order of service?

The funeral order of service template is for family members who would like to plan the service of the funeral. Usually, the program determines how the event will start, what people will take about in the funeral, and the exact time when the dead will be laid to rest.

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