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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the divorce laws in Connecticut?

Divorce Laws in Connecticut. Divorce in Connecticut is called “dissolution of marriage.” There is a 90 day waiting period. When divorce is filed, automatic orders are issued requiring both parties to “maintain the status quo” meaning that both spouses are prohibited from transferring assets, terminating insurance,...

How do you get copy of your divorce papers?

Individuals seeking a copy of divorce papers need to apply to the vital statistics office in the state where the divorce was granted. A request for a copy of a divorce can be made by phone, online, by mail, and in person.

How do you file for divorce in Connecticut?

Address an envelope to the Connecticut vital statistics office (see Resources). Call that office to learn the fee before requesting your decree by mail. Write a letter requesting a copy of the Judgment File, the term for a divorce decree. Explain your relationship to the divorced parties and the reason for the copy.

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