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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get Minecraft coloring pages?

Welcome to our Minecraft coloring pages catalog. We offer many free Minecraft-themed coloring pages. Print and/or download as many as you want. Just click the illustrations you want and you’ll be taking to a page where you can print and/or download them. Enjoy!

Which Minecraft character should be included in the coloring sheets?

The wolves are iconic and useful Minecraft characters, and definitely should be included amongst the coloring sheets. Steve: Steve is one of the main playable characters of Minecraft. He is the most iconic player and is often depicted in popular culture as a symbol of the game.

What types of Minecraft mobs can be colored?

Fans can enjoy coloring some of the most recognizable mobs like the skeletons, zombies, Enderman, ghasts, or Creepers. There are also coloring sheets depicting the infamous Ender Dragon and other baddies from the popular game.

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