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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enable the print screen button on my keyboard?

Press the "Print Screen" button to print the whole computer screen. Then press the "Print Screen" button in combination with the "Alt" key to capture only the active window. If these commands are working, that means that the Print Screen option is enabled. The Print Screen option is enabled almost always since it is a system key in Windows.

How do you control print screen?

Control-PrintScreen - Pressing the Control key and then pressing the Print Screen button will take a screenshot of your entire Windows screen, including the taskbar. Whether you press Control or Alt and Print Screen, the image data will reside in the clipboard until you copy something else.

How do you use the print screen button?

Hold down the Control button (Ctrl) and then the Print Screen (Prnt Scrn) button. This will tell your computer to copy the screen information as a picture to your Clipboard. Open the picture software you wish to use and then either place your cursor on the open template, right-click your mouse and hit "Paste.".

Where can I Find Print Screen?

The Windows Print Screen key is normally located at the top right of your keyboard in close proximity to the "F-Lock Key" and is typically identified by the letters Prt Scrn.

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