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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get rid of a document stuck in print queue?

Clear the print queue via Settings app. Step 1: Open Settings app and then navigate to Devices > Printers & scanners. Step 2: Click on your printer to see Open queue button. Click on Open queue button to view all print queue jobs. Step 3: Right-click on a print job and then click Cancel to clear it from the print queue.

Why are my printer documents stuck in queue?

When you print a document, it’s not sent directly to your printer. Instead, it gets placed in a queue. Once in the queue, Windows comes along and notices something needs to be printed, and sends it to the printer. The problem is that sometimes the queue gets “stuck”, for lack of a better word.

How do you delete a printer queue?

On a PC: Method A - Delete Jobs from Print Queue. 1. Open the print queue by clicking on the printer icon in your system tray (lower right corner) or go to Devices and Printers and double click on the printer. 2. Right Click on the print job and choose "Cancel". 3. Unplug USB to the printer. Wait five seconds.

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