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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do my print jobs remain in the print queue?

Print jobs remain in the print queue after the jobs were successfully sent to the printer. If the print jobs have the status of ‘Sent to printer’ or ‘Printed’, then the jobs were already sent to the printer. If the jobs remain in the queue, it is because the system administrator set the print queue to retain the print jobs after they were printed.

How do I identify a printer in a print queue?

Print jobs may accumulate in a Print queue after they have despooled and would be left with a state of JOB_STATUS_PRINTED. Each of these functions requires a handle to a printer to identify the wanted Printer. This handle is obtained from the OpenPrinter function, that accepts a string containing the name of the printer.

How do I get the status of a printer and print job?

This article introduces how to get the status of a printer and a print job by using the Win32 Spooler. The status of printers and print jobs are updated by the Win32 Spooler during the despool of a print job. At all other times, when that printer isn't despooling and reports no state information, the printer is considered to be ready and idle.

How do I clear the print queue in Windows 10?

A temporary solution to clear out the print queue: Select the print job (s) you wish to delete, right-click and select cancel. Depending on your security setting, you many not have permission to perform this task. In the Advanced tab of Printer Properties, uncheck the ‘Keep printed documents’.

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