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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get another PPP loan?

You can only get a second draw PPP loan if you have used, or will use, all your initial PPP funding for approved expenses on or before the date the second loan is distributed to you. I don’t have quarterly revenue data for my small business.

Can you still apply for PPP?

Update on PPP Loans, You Can Still Apply. The SBA-PPP loan program round 2 of funding has been overwhelmingly successful. Thousands of loans were approved and many clients received funds. Yet there are more funds appropriated for the PPP program if you have not applied you can still apply. Full Story

Is Kabbage accepting PPP applications?

Kabbage announced that they are officially accepting Payroll Protection Program applications. The small business lender is working with an SBA-approved bank to process the loans. You can fill out the Payroll Protection Program application through Kabbage right here.

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