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Frequently Asked Questions

How to create a portfolio for your business?

How to create a portfolio with these easy tips 01. Be thoughtful about what you include Liz Designs Things Don’t add everything you’ve ever created. Set aside time to... 02. Select only your strongest pieces Nowhere Famous Agency / portfolio These are the projects you know were successful,... 03. ...

How much does portfolio cost?

Portfolio is included for free with a Creative Cloud subscription. Don't have one yet? Get access to Portfolio and other services for as low as US$9.99 a month. Get Started Free

Do creatives need portfolios to get hired?

These days you can easily share your work on the internet with just a few clicks. But back before the internet, creatives had to put together physical, printed portfolios and get an interview so someone would look at their work. Now, everyone connected to a device can see your work. So is just being out there enough? How do you get in front?

How to make your portfolio stand out from the crowd?

Go for variety Don’t include only one form of design such as website design or illustration. Though this doesn’t mean that everything shouldn’t work together. Make sure it all still looks like it’s one person’s work. Art director and designer Corina Nika includes a great variety of projects in her portfolio and they all flow together nicely.

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