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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is pollen located?

Pollen is produced in the microsporangia in the male cone of a conifer or other gymnosperm or in the anthers of an angiosperm flower.

What states have low pollen count?

Washington and Oregon. The Pacific Northwest states of Washington and Oregon also have low pollen counts during the year. Both states have cooler climates, albeit to a much lesser extent than Alaska, and their proximity to the ocean means both states enjoy a consistent breeze that helps keep pollen levels down.

What is the highest pollen count?

A pollen count is generated by measuring the number of pollen grains in a given volume of air, using a pollen trap. A count of 50 pollen grains or less is considered low, and a count of 1,000 pollen grains or more is considered high. Pollen counts tend to be higher in early morning and late evening, although they can sometimes be high all day long.

What are the different types of pollen?

There are two kinds of pollen. One type is produced by flowers that are pollinated by wind. This pollen is light and fluffy, so that it will move far from the original plant. It is also very poor in nutritional value. Plants that rely on wind are called anemophilous, and wind pollination is called anemophily.

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