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Frequently Asked Questions

How does pollen affect us?

Pollen exposure can also result in "allergic conjunctivitis" in some individuals, causing red, watery, or itchy eyes. Pollen exposure can also cause asthma attacks in people who have asthma and for whom pollen is an asthma trigger. How can I protect myself against pollen?

How does pollen affect you?

The most common side effect of breathing in pollen is sneezing. Sneezing and the accompanying nose and throat irritations are due to histamine production, which dilates small blood vessels in the nose and makes the nasal passages swell and feel congested.

What are the types of pollen?

There are two kinds of pollen. One type is produced by flowers that are pollinated by wind. This pollen is light and fluffy, so that it will move far from the original plant. It is also very poor in nutritional value. Plants that rely on wind are called anemophilous, and wind pollination is called anemophily.

When will the pollen stop?

Tree Pollen = Mid to late March to mid-May. Grass Pollen = Mid-May to July. Weed Pollen = End of June to September. With global warming on the horizon, it might be that our pollen season will get longer and longer.

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