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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a pollen grain and an ovule?

Pollen grain is considered as the microgametophyte while ovule contains the megagametophyte. The main difference between pollen grain and ovule is that pollen grain is a male reproductive structure which gives rise to sperms whereas ovule is the female reproductive structure which gives rise to the egg cell.

What is the process of pollen grain production?

This process is termed microsporogenesis . The four microspores then form the double wall of the pollen grain within a structure made of callose. During this process, the callose is digested by callase and the pollen grains are able to grow and complete the formation of the endospore and exospore.

What is the function of pollen grains?

The function of pollen grain is to transfer the male reproductive cell or the gametes to the female reproductive cell or the ovule. To facilitate sexual reproduction to take place.

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