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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get rid of pollen allergies?

A nasal rinse cleans mucus from your nose and can ease allergy symptoms there. It also can whisk away bacteriaand thin mucus and cut down on postnasal drip. Buy a rinse kit or make one using a neti pot or a nasal bulb. Mix 3 teaspoons of iodide-free salt with 1 teaspoon of baking soda. Store this in an airtight container.

What are the side effects of pollen allergies?

Also, be sure to consult your doctor before trying any new supplements or herbs because some can interfere with the effectiveness of certain medications. Pollen allergies can interrupt your everyday activities with sneezing, stuffy nose, and watery eyes. Lifestyle changes and medications can help reduce your symptoms.

How to get rid of a pollen allergy?

Drink More. If you feel stuffy or have postnasal drip from your allergies, sip more water, juice, or other nonalcoholic drinks. The extra liquid can thin the mucus in your nasal passages and give you some relief. Warm fluids like teas, broth, or soup have an added benefit: steam.

When are pollen allergies most likely to occur?

An Overview of Pollen Allergies Symptoms. Pollen allergies are more common in older children and adults. ... Causes. Pollen is most prevalent in the springtime when the pollen from weeds, grass, plants, and trees are airborne. Diagnosis. Your doctor can help in diagnosing which type of pollen you are allergic to. ... Treatment. It can be hard to avoid pollen. ...

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