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Frequently Asked Questions

What are RCI timeshare points?

Resort Images. RCI Points program is points based timeshare exchange system on a global scale. RCI Points is probably the most commonly purchased timeshare points system through a resale company and is growing in popularity. The Points allow greater flexibility when planning your timeshare holiday as you can choose how many days you wish...

Is a timeshare personal property?

Personal property is defined as any possession other than real estate or buildings. In order to be considered personal property, the item must be temporary or movable, such as vehicles, boats, collectibles and furniture. Your timeshare could be considered personal property, depending on its specific type.

What is a timeshare presentation?

At Bluegreen, our timeshare presentations are called tours, emphasizing the fact that we provide you and your family an opportunity to experience our beautiful resorts inside and out. The tour is designed to show you what a Bluegreen Vacations resort experience is all about.

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