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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the points system for the Chinese PR exam?

The points system factors in the applicants' salaries, educational backgrounds, the amount of time that they have worked in China, their Mandarin proficiency, their age and their location. Those who score 85 and above will get receive an A grade, while B will be given to anyone 60 and over, with C being allocated to anyone below that.

Will China's new work permit grades be based on points or scoring?

Earlier this fall we informed our readers about China's new work permitting regulations that will grade foreigners based on a points system, and offered up our own speculative scoring system.

Will Shanghai's points system determine Prime Cuts?

Yesterday a discussion on Reddit linked to a Shanghai government website that contains a draft of the actual points system that will ultimately determine which of us are prime cuts and which are merely chopped liver.

How does China's Social Credit System work?

The China social credit system assigns a score based on the aggregation and analysis of data. This information is acquired from a range of sources including individual businesses (including ‘big tech’) and government entities. This information is then kept in a centralized database.

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