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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use my points of light™ projector?

A: The tripod allows you to use your Points of Light™ projector indoor or outdoor. For indoor use, spread the tripod supports apart and place on a level, flat surface. For outdoor use, you can flatten the tripod into a stake to place into the ground. Q: What is the recommended use of the remote control?

Is points of light™ safe to use?

And yes, Points of Light is absolutely safe to use. The lights are very bright, however, so we never recommend that you shine them directly into your eyes. Q: What is the optimal distance from my house that I should use my Points of Light™ projector?

How do you attach a tripod to a light fixture?

It’s somewhat top heavy but it seems to adequately maintain position through the combination of the angled neck and ball joint. Simply insert the ball joint end of the tripod/stake into fastener/bolt and then into the receptacle under the Points Of Light and screw the fastener/bolt down.

What is points of light Deluxe lightshow projection device?

The Points Of Light Deluxe lightshow projection device comes with a 4-button remote to control the multi-color LEDs and motion effects from up to about 20 feet away. The lightshow projection unit features 13 color themes for various occasions or Holidays and 5 lighting effects that include; Sparkle, Steady Burn, Starry Night, Glimmer or Lightshow.

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