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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened at the 2020 points of light conference online experience?

Stay tuned for more details! Moving to a virtual format in response to COVID-19, the 2020 Points of Light Conference Online Experience challenged the social sector to tap into the full potential of the power of people by creating a world where it is easy to do good, and impossible to sit on the sidelines.

When is the 2021 points of Light Conference?

The 2021 Points of Light Conference will be held July 14-16 at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando. CSC members that attend are invited to participate in the Council meeting, business luncheon, and the more than 15 CSR and social impact workshops facilitated by leading experts and corporate leaders.

What is points of light global network?

It’s your system for changing systems. The Points of Light Global Network includes innovative volunteer-mobilizing organizations who serve more than 177 affiliates across 38 countries around the world. Together we offer creative, impactful and inspiring ways for people to take action and engage in their communities.

What happened at the 2011 points of Light Conference?

Focused on community-driven change, the 2011 Points of Light Conference showcased examples of engaging programs with tangible results, inspiring attendees to innovate and create similar programs that met their own community’s needs.

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