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Frequently Asked Questions

Is ski-out access worth it?

But, generally speaking, if you’re juggling nap times or lots of gear for little ones, ski-out access becomes more worthwhile. It’s also valuable if you’re going to need to trade off ski time with another adult to watch little ones who are staying home.

What does Jennifer Yellin do for the Points Guy?

Jennifer Yellin is a contributing writer to The Points Guy where she focuses on family travel. She is also the founder of Deals We Like where she helps her readers travel on a deal.

What is the best ski pass for You?

These are better options for those who are looking to ski for more than a few days throughout the season. The full Ikon Pass has no holiday restrictions, a longer list of unlimited resorts and more days at resorts that offer a set number of ski days.

How much does it cost to go skiing?

With single-day lift tickets costing as much as $200 at major mountains, and annual passes starting at around $200 and up for skiing throughout the whole year, many snow-loving families will do better selecting a pass rather than paying individual lift ticket prices, even if they only take one or two trips in a season.

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