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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Points Guy?

Welcome to The Points Guy! Victoria M. Walker covers travel deep-dives and features. She previously taught multimedia journalism at Howard University and was the breaking news video editor at The Washington Post.

How do I earn American Airlines loyalty points?

Instead of earning elite-qualifying dollars, miles and segments, you’ll earn Loyalty Points based purely on spend — both on airfare, but also with cobranded American Airlines credit cards, via shopping portals and more. This will make it easier to earn status with credit cards, but harder to earn with flying.

How many AAdvantage loyalty points will I earn with bonus miles?

When the statement closes and miles post to your AAdvantage account, you’ll earn: As you can see, despite the bonus miles you may have earned, you’ll receive only 5,000 Loyalty Points – from the 1:1 earning ratio from your base credit card spend.

How to earn American Airlines AAdvantage miles?

How to earn AAdvantage miles. 1 Fly on American Airlines. When you fly on American Airlines, you’ll earn miles according to the base price of your ticket minus taxes and fees. The ... 2 Fly with partners. 3 Earn AAdvantage miles through credit cards.

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