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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Five Points Gang in real life?

Five Points Gang 1 Background. The Five Points Gang was a criminal organization that was based in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, New York City during the Tammany Hall era of history. 2 Origins. By the 1870s a wave of Italian and Eastern European Jewish immigrants were settling into the area. ... 3 Paul Kelly. ... 4 Rise to Power. ...

Why was the Five Points neighborhood so dangerous?

It is impossible to overstate how notorious the lower Manhattan neighborhood called the Five Points was throughout the 1800s. It was said to be the roost of gang members and criminals of all types, and was widely known, and feared, as the home turf of flamboyant gangs of Irish immigrants.

Who recruited Johnny Torrio into the Five Points Gang?

Paul Kelly recruited many famous gangsters into the Five Points Gang including Johnny Torrio and Al Capone. The Italian immigrant and criminal Paolo Antonio Vaccarelli, also known as Paul Kelly, formed the Italian Five Points Gang.

What were the gangs in the 1800s called?

From the Bowery Boys to the Dead Rabbits, meet the Five Points gangs that were the real-life gangs of New York in the 1800s. Like this gallery? Bandit's Roost, an alleyway where gangsters and thugs would congregate. 1896.

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