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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Roblox Game Pass?

Game passes are free to create. Then you can sell them for the amount of Robux you choose.

What do points do in Roblox parkour?

Overview Points are a form of currency in ROBLOX Parkour. It's primary function is to increase the amount of XP a player has, which in turn can increase the player's rank. Points can be gained through movement and simply playing the game, and the amount of points you earn can vary depending on different multipliers.

What is a game pass?

Game passes, like VIP shirts, give players special perks and abilities in games. These added abilities can be anything, from super strength or speed, to a special item—the benefits are up to the game creator. Game passes are free to create.

How does the more points GamePass work?

Similarly to the more points gamepass or a combo level, the points earned is multiplied per move performed. The game has a counter mechanic where if a player performs a move within 5 seconds, it will be added to a counter. If the counter reaches 30 minutes, the session multiplier for the player will be increased by 0.5.

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