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Frequently Asked Questions

What is pmpm4?

PM4 is the first and only LPFP driver solution on the market that lets the ECU perform complete closed-loop control of the requested fuel system pressure regardless of what aftermarket LPFP is used. Want to run a 23A, 525LPH Walbro F90000285 E85 pump under full control of the ECU?

What does PM4 stand for in Navy?

Skip to main content (Press Enter). Service Support (PM4) program ships provide our Navy with towing, rescue and salvage, submarine support, and cable laying and repair services, as well as a command and control platform and floating medical facilities.

What is PM4 firestop material?

Approved for use in all UL-listed through penetration 3M firestop systems, our 3M™ Fire Barrier Packing Material PM4 is an inorganic, non-asbestos material ideal for filling around fire protection installations. This inorganic, non-asbestos material is non-combustible per ASTM E 136 testing.

Can I replace the PM4 (performance monitor 4)?

PM4 (Performance Monitor 4) The PM4 is no longer available. If you are having issues with it and are not able to resolve them using troubleshooting, you can replace it with the PM5, available in our online shop. Please make sure you select the right machine when ordering, as retrofit instructions and components vary by machine.

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