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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install plugins?

To install plugins manually, go to in a web browser and follow the directions on that page. To install plugins from the plugin manager, make sure you are connected to the Internet and click the Install tab in the plugin manager window.

How do I install Adobe Flash Player plugin?

Download the Adobe Flash Player plug-in by clicking "Download Now" on the Adobe website. Select the check box listed beside "Launch Flash Player after installation.". Select "Run" when prompted to "Save" or "Run.".

How do I enable plugins on Chrome?

Enabling Click To Play Plugins in Chrome. Click on the settings wrench and select the settings menu item. Then you will need to click on the advanced settings link. Scroll down until you can see the privacy section, then click on the Content settings button.

What is the best WordPress membership plugin?

S2Member is another one of the most popular, best and powerful (free) membership plugin for WordPress. With S2 membership plugin, you can protect members-only content with user roles and capabilities. The s2Member Framework free WordPress membership plugin integrates with PayPal Website Payments Standard (also free).

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