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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy plexiglass sheets?

Plastic sheets are a great option for barriers in the workplace to help avoid spreading of germs. They can be used as shelving to display items, acoustic shields, light diffusers, cases and more. No matter what your needs, The Home Depot Canada has all of your acrylic and polycarbonate plexiglass needs.

Is plexiglass and acrylic glass the same thing?

Although coming from the same family of polymers, there is a noticeable difference between the acrylic glass and Plexiglas. The latter commands better visual appearance and strength. However, it can still be a challenge to procure the exact product since the terms acrylic transparent sheet, and Plexiglass are used interchangeably way too often.

Where to buy plexiglass locally?

Buy plexiglass acrylic sheet direct from Professional Plastics and receive your material cut-to-size & delivered to your door. "Plexiglass" is often used as a generic term for acrylic sheet.

Will Home Depot cut plexiglass to size?

Home Depot does not offer plexiglass cutting. If you inquire very politely and on a slow day/time (7–9am is recommended) you may find someone in Millworks/Tool Rental/Building Materials able to assist. The trick to cutting plexi is to score the surface like glass with a long blade, not a pointed blade.

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