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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install Plex on Linux?

For this install guide I’ll be using an Ubuntu virtual machine, this should be similar to your devices. Open up your web browsers and navigate to the Plex Downloads section of the Plex website, In the drop-down menu I select Linux. and hit the button. A small drop down menu pops up. It is now downloading the Plex Linux Installer.

Where to download movies for Plex?

Bookmarklet is a simple browser bookmark that allows you to download original Plex media files, even if you are not the owner. This bookmarklet works with Movies and TV Shows only. To use it, simply drag the button on the developer’s website and open the details page of of a Movie or TV Show.

How do you install Plex Media Server?

To install Plex Media Server: Double-click the Applications icon on the NAS control panel desktop. Find the Plex Media Server entry in the app store. Click the Install button in the Plex Media Server entry, which will begin the installation. Once installation completes, continue with the information below to enable Plex Media Server to run.

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