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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you install Plex on Apple TV?

How to Install Plex On Your Apple TV. Select the search option in the App Store application and search for “Plex”. Be sure to select plain old “Plex” and not any of the similar sounding applications like “Simple X – for Plex”. In the detailed view, as seen below, select the “Install” button.

Does Apple TV support Plex?

Plex has just launched a proper app for the new Apple TV, letting users stream their videos and music from a networked PC or storage drive. The app is available for free on the 2015 Apple TV, but won’t be coming to older Apple TVs because they don’t support the new App Store.

What is Plex and how does it work?

Plex is also a media center application – that is, a program that makes it easy to access your media. Plex acts as an organizer, content discovery tool, and portal to all of the content on your server – as well as to streamable content from outside of your personal collection.

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