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Frequently Asked Questions

How many NFL players are injured every year?

Of the 2,600 players that are in the NFL, roughly 400 of them are injured every year. That number includes rookies and veterans from each team and counts both minor and extreme injuries.

What NFL team has the most injuries?

Ranking NFL teams most affected by injuries 1. Minnesota Vikings | Record: 6-6 2. Green Bay Packers | Record: 5-6 3. Chicago Bears | Record: 2-9 4. San Diego Chargers | Record: 5-6 5. Cleveland Browns | Record: 0-12

How many NFL players are on injured reserve?

As per NFL' s current Collective Bargaining Agreement, teams should have only 53 players on their rosters, either active or injured. NFL teams will keep a reserve injured player on the team but not take up a roster spot. If a player is on list of injured reserve, he cannot return to game of that same season,...

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