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Frequently Asked Questions

Do people still play Battlefield 1?

Of course! people still play battlefield 1 all the time. however, if you have trouble joining a sever, go to the server browser and look, a match for you will be out there! Re: How many people still play BF1? People still play BF1 (unlike BFV) but the server browser is messed up, it doesn't really show the servers half of the time.

How many players on Battlefield 1?

Most Battlefield 1 players are on Sony’s PlayStation 4, with a peak of 366,603. Add this to the PC community and the 277,299 players on Xbox One, and you get 828,384.

How to check battlefield stats?

Any fighter on the battlefield can check the scoreboard by holding down the Options button on a controller and Tab on a mouse & keyboard. Doing so will display every current player’s match statistics coupled with the squads that they’re a part of. The scoreboard will also give you all of the important information about the match.

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