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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an API documentation for the planning center API?

In that repo, there’s also a readme which explains some technical issues related to the API. A single API is used for all Planning Center products. However, the API itself is split into sections that correspond to each Planning Center product. Choose a product below to view its specific API documentation.

Is planplanning center a development-driven company?

Planning Center is a development-driven company. Over half our staff are either developers or designers who code. Even our founder spends much of his time programming. Let’s build some stuff! There’s a single API for all of Planning Center.

Can I use other payment systems with planning center giving?

Stripe is the only payment processor supported by Planning Center Giving. However, donations from other payment systems can be added manually in Batches or programmatically using the Giving API. A few companies have built a full integrations with Giving, allowing you to use Giving and another donation system in tandem.

What is the “API channel”?

The #api channel is where you’ll want to ask questions and get help with the API. This is a customer channel, but Planning Center developers will occasionally chime in with an answer or comment. We are a group of people with specialized skills who care and are dedicated to creating exceptional software for churches.

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