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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find drawing tutorials on Pixiv?

Find drawing tutorials on pixiv's new "How To Draw" page! There's a new function that lets you find drawing tutorials and courses posted by pixiv creators! You won't be able to stop bookmarking all of them! Have you ever found yourself drawing an illustration and thinking: "I wish I had some resources to understand the structure of a kimono!"

What's new on Pixiv for browsers?

With the many tutorials and resources posted every day by pixiv users, it's quite difficult to find exactly what you want! The new How to Draw page is here to solve the problem, and it was released on October 4th (Wed) on pixiv for browsers. This new function helps you to easily find illustration tutorials, making-ofs and resources posted on pixiv!

Can I use how to draw on my Smartphone?

Currently, you can enjoy the brand new How To Draw page on your smartphone by opening pixiv PC version on your browser. A smartphone version will be implemented at a later date, so please look forward to it! ↓Let's look up How To Draw something!↓

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