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Frequently Asked Questions

What is printpixiv toolkit?

Pixiv Toolkit Pixiv Tookit is a webextension for Pixiv users. You can download animation, manga, illusion and novel from Pixiv with using this.

Where to check development progress of Pixiv toolkit and Pixiv omina?

You can check development progress of Pixiv Toolkit and Pixiv Omina here and here You can submit issue here [for Pixiv Toolkit] and here [for Pixiv Omina].

How can I download images from Pixiv?

You can also download images from Pixiv Comic and Pixiv Fanbox (Notice: You need to have access to the post or comic you want to download in order to download the resource). You can feel free to open issue on GitHub if you have any questions. There is a power Pixiv downloader Pixiv Omina has been released!

How to download manga from ugoira to Pixiv?

Convert the ugoira on Pixiv to GIF or WebM file, and pack the images of manga to download and download novel. The extension can also save your ugoira/manga visit history (Up to 10K items). This extension will work properly after you login to Pixiv.

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