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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the best Pixiv fanboxes on Patreon?

Metal owl Pixiv Fanbox 2866 Chelodoy Patreon 2856 zackary911 Patreon 2824 DAGASI Pixiv Fanbox 2786 h0rs3 Patreon 2696 theobrobine Patreon 2684 whisperfoot Patreon 2625 braeburned Patreon 2607 Belko Pixiv Fanbox 2580

Why can't I download Pixiv files from my computer?

Either you ran multiple instace of Pixiv downloader from the same folder, or there are other processes locking the file/db.sqllite (usually from antivirus or some sync/backup application).

How to install fffmpeg on pixivutil2?

- For Windows: - Extract the archive to a folder. - Open the extracted folder and open to the `/bin` folder. - Copy the application `ffmpeg.exe` to your PixivUtil2 folder. - For Linux: - Install the package using your favorite package manager.

How to view cookies in Pixiv?

Login to your Pixiv. 3. On Pixiv page, press F12 and choose the Storage tab (Firefox), or Right click on the leftmost address bar/the (i) icon (Chrome) 5. Click the View Cookies button. 6. Look for Cookie named = PHPSESSID.

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