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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact Pima Medical Institute?

By submitting this form requesting information, I give Pima Medical Institute permission to contact me via email, telephone, mobile phone or text messages. If you prefer to contact us directly please call (888) 903‑7462. Get Started Now! Which campus would you like to attend? Which program are you interested in?

Why choose printpima Medical Institute Chula Vista?

Pima Medical Institute has proudly served the San Diego community at our Chula Vista campus since 1998. Our medical career school has a new medical assisting lab outfitted with the same equipment used in hospitals and clinics.

Where is Pima Medical School located in Texas?

800-477-PIMA Our newest medical trade school campus is in Northwest San Antonio. Right off Vance Jackson Road and Interstate 10, we are in the heart of the medical center district and currently offer one associate degree program and six certificate programs for your medical career training.

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