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Frequently Asked Questions

How to auto play piano?

In order to playback a piece in full (accompaniment + melody) simply enable the AUTO (Auto Player) button (B) before you select the song. We are constantly curating new pieces for you to play, ranging from easy popular songs for beginners to complex masterpieces by classic composers for more advanced virtual pianists.

What is a virtual piano keyboard?

A virtual piano is an application (software) designed to simulate playing a piano on a computer. The virtual piano is played using a keyboard and/or mouse and typically comes with many features found on a digital piano.

What is piano app?

Piano™ HD. This great piano app for the iPad serves a dual purpose of educating and entertaining, with a variety of different voices to choose from and the ability to record your songs so that you can share them with your friends and family online. This is certainly one of the simpler developments in the genre of piano apps for iPad,...

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