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Frequently Asked Questions

What is piano Marvel and how does it work?

Piano Marvel allows you to set your goals every month. This can be a great motivator and reminder for every student to keep up and monitor the monthly quotas. However, the most unique feature of Piano Marvel is their Standard Assessment of Sight Reading (SASR).

What is the perfectpiano Marvel?

Piano Marvel is a professional grade tool that can help your students learn four to eight times faster than traditional teaching methods. Try our amazing piano education software in your lessons and see what you've been missing! If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device.

What is prepprepare mode on piano Marvel?

Prepare Mode waits for you to play, allowing you to work through the notes and rhythms at your own pace. Piano Marvel features hundreds of high-quality video lessons to guide you as you learn. Look for the video lessons just below the title of the song in the music view! Take your piano sight reading to the next level with the SASR!

How much does it cost to take piano lessons with simplypiano Marvel?

Piano Marvel is a subscription-based program. For a premium account, you can choose a monthly fee of $15.99 or pay by the year at $110.99. If you want to try it out before committing, you can opt for a free account, which gives you access to the level one lessons and songs.

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