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Frequently Asked Questions

What does chemical physics mean?

Chemical-physics. definitions. (chemistry, physics) The science that studies chemical processes and phenomena from the point of view of physics.

Is chemistry and physics the same thing?

Chemistry is mostly concerned with the material that the universe is composed of, and Physics is mostly concerned with the mechanics of the material that the universe is composed of. Chemistry and Physics are complementary sciences but they are not the same science.

What do chemistry and physics have in common?

Chemistry and physics are two fields that have a lot in common with one another. They're both physical sciences, and both study the structure and properties of matter. In this sense they are both rather abstract and focus on the very tiny (though physics also focuses on the very large).

Do you need physics for chemical engineering?

You don't generally need physics to get into a chemical engineering degree at most universities, providing you have maths and chemistry, but physics is a big part of all of the core engineering disciplines.

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