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Frequently Asked Questions

What is phrased reading?

Phrase reading is a technique that builds fluency, aids comprehension, and improves oral reading. Phrase reading can also be used to teach grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary. This type of activity should be a regular part of the reading lesson for non-fluent readers. Adapted from a 2003 COABE presentation by the Anchorage Literacy Project.

What does reading mean to me?

To me, reading is opening the door to new ideas, thoughts, and learning about new things. While taking you into the mind of the author, being able to see things from their perspective. Reading is something that for me is a way of life, a necessity not a luxury.

What is a synonym for reader?

Synonyms for Reader: n. • fellowship, educationalist, bookworm, educator, don, academic, savant, scholar, editor, assistant professor, chair, bibliophile, associate professor. Other synonyms: • minister. •book lover bibliophile.

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