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Frequently Asked Questions

When is RN license renewal in Ohio?

However, nurses licensed by endorsement in Ohio for a year or less must complete 12 CE hours during their first renewal. For all RNs, at least one hour of CE during each renewal period must be related the Ohio Nurse Practice Act and the rules of the state Board of Nursing.

What is the phone number for the Board of Nursing?

The customer support phone number of Board of Nursing Florida is + 1 850-245-4125,Fax No:+1 850-617-6460 (Click phone number to call).

How do I find my nursing license number?

Go to the website. You can check for a nurse's license on the website for the New York State Education Department. It has databases where you can look up licenses by profession. You can find the proper site at Note that you must use a different website for nurse's aides.

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